Mitch Yellen is very much involved in his community.  He is a member of many organizations including  the Children’s Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, Memorial Hospital, Children’s Hope Chest and Colorado Springs Dental Society.

Mitch has also done some serious traveling.  He has been blessed to be a part of missionary trips across the globe.  Some of Mitch’s most memorable times where spent on many trips with Compassion International to Swaziland Africa.  He also has deep fondness for all his trips to to Bethlehem, South Africa.

Mitch and Yosef
Mitch and friend, Yosef, a fellow missionary


Mitch Yellen
Focus on family. Yellen with a family from Swaziland Africa









Mitch Yellen
These children were constantly telling me jokes. I had an amazing time with them. Mitch Yellen