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Everything is Better When You Go Above and Beyond

My name is Mitchell Yellen. I am a blessed person who has dedicated himself to being a good person and leading a value-driven life. My core values guide my family life, professional work, my interactions with others, my support of the local community and my support of causes close to me and my family. My goals it to share what has made me a successful investor, wealth adviser, restaurateur and philanthropist. I also advocate for nontraditional approach to building nontraditional returns.

Altitude Hospitality Group

The restaurants I am involved with share my values and a commitment to quality and the local community. Altitude Hospitality Group is built upon a core belief that everything is better when you go above and beyond.” AHG is known around Colorado Springs as having some of the top and most innovative establishments in town. The team runs a world class catering business. The Garden of the Gods Market & Cafe is a farm-to-table concept that benefits the local community. This approach was inspired from the Yellen Family’s years in the lush agricultural community of Napa. The Pinery at The Hill is a beautiful venue that has hosted weddings, company and family gatherings.

Investments & Wealth Management

I gained a large and avid following among wealthy investors. Music legend Pat Boone and basketball great Rick Barry are both good friends and vocal supporters. Dr. Jim Yohanan has known me for more than 10 years. He said “Mitch picked the right people who showed energy and creativity.” I have been a member of the Million Dollar Round Table’s “Top of the Table”, group whose members are the top 1% of insurance advisers worldwide. I also served in advisory capacity to some of the world’s top insurers including New York Life and The Guardian.

“I don’t preach what Wall Street does,” says Yellen, “I tell people to take an active role in their investment decisions and not rely upon 401ks and IRAs to decisions for them.”

Music & Faith

Having a relationship with Christ means helping bring His positive messages to others. So because of that, and my love of music, I became involved with Dream Records to nourish the spirits and souls of people the same way our restaurants do with healthy foods. Most of all, Dream records is committed to supporting artists who want to share their faith with the world through great music.

This article posted in Red Energy continues more about my work. I can be contacted here or you can connect with me on any of my social media.

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