Give of Yourself Dont Just Give of Your Money

Generosity Means Giving of Yourself

Money can do a lot of good when channeled properly. I wasn’t born successful, I got that way because I focused my time, passion, determinations and skills toward professional goals. I have lived a blessed life because of my philosophy about work and life. My values and Christian principles are what have helped me achieve my dreams. I give back to share and to make the world a better place and I challenge you to do the same.

Give what you really value

Our behaviors show that we value our time and energy more than money. We trade money for time and energy saving things all the time. So if you really want to give from your heart then give what you really value. Give of yourself don’t just give of your money. Give your time, your passion and your talents. By doing so you share important parts of yourself with other

My Mission to Africa

I have volunteered my time in a lot of ways and traveled the world on several missions. One trip that I feel was especially valuable was my travels with Compassion International to Swaziland Africa. Swaziland is a wonderful county filled with warm people who have a great spirit. I learned from them and from the spirit of the children that Compassion International helps there.

A mission is a special way to give back because you give your whole self. You look people in the eye and understand their needs. The root of Christian giving is compassion and understanding and I value these things in all parts of my life. Charity should not be a transactional thing, that is how you buy things. Charitable work is about problem solving and you can’t do that from a distance or through a checkbook alone. So even if you are not deeply spiritual try giving of yourself. You may not be able to travel the world so focus on doing good near your home. If you have children then Model the behavior you want others to adopt. You will find that you gain at the same time that you give.

Mitch Yellen Christian Mission Swaziland Africa
My mission to Swaziland, Africa with Compassion International
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