Garden of The Gods Gourmet Reflects My Values

Farm to Table Is About Community

Garden of The Gods Market & Cafe is not just a successful business to me. The restaurant has won accolades and many awards including ‘The Best of Springs’ Gourmet Market by the Gazette. But, to me it reflects a commitment to community and a healthy approach to life that has formed a lot of my life’s work and guiding principles. Farm to table is a great way to get healthy, fresh foods because it relies upon local sourcing.

Colorado Springs Garden of the Gods Cafe
Garden of the Gods Market & Cafe in Colorado Springs

It also fuels the local economic engine. The system is self-supporting and is focused on its community. Farm to table allows us to provide a better product and to give back and energize small, local businesses into success. Those are not businesses or vendors to me. Each is element of the Colorado Springs community. They are owned and run by people who take pride in their work. They have families who also want to eat in our restaurants and support the community along with us.

Farm to table allows for the produce, fruits and meat products to be produced and delivered in ways that are both more humane and better for the environment than are mass produced products.

A Business Should Reflect The Community That Supports It

When a business is locally owned, locally managed and locally supplied it better reflects the culture and flavor of the people they serve. It also helps to encourage eating foods that reflect the season. That further connects us to our shared experiences. When I lived in Napa in California, my favorite local food producers and eateries reflected all that is unique and wonderful about that area. So when I made Colorado Springs my new home, I wanted to bring that sames sense that eating should connect you to the people and environment around us. I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment or contact me directly.

I love this business because of what it says about Colorado Springs and about me. It reflects my own values and priorities and it allows me to do good while doing well. And, everything tastes great too!

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