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I recently posted some thoughts on investing in a couple of opinion pieces on USA Herald. My main philosophy has been to encourage people to actively invest in things close to home. I want to discourage people from relying on investment vehicles alone. Wall Street fads have hurt a lot of people. So I want to encourage people to be active in building their financial security and future. People spend so of their own time earning money and that money is critical to the good they do for their families and their communities so I have seen repeatedly that nobody will care for that money the way the person who worked for it will. I especially like to see people invest in businesses in their communities. We did that with Altitude Hospitality and our restaurants and I enjoy seeing the impact on the local community.

The News Recorder published an article about this philosophy and it generated some comments and discussion. I hope you will join the conversation and consider my ideas. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

My purpose is to empower people to make their own decisions. My Christian teachings tell me to share and to be compassionate and generose and I only want to live up to that. I am not advocating any investment and none of this benefits any of my own interests. I have been blessed and want to see other achieve their goals as well.

More writing on the way

It has been fun and rewarding to contribute the articles so I am writing a business piece for my column and will probably do more articles on USA Herald. Thank you for visiting. Article on Mitch Yellen Investing
An Article About me on The News Recorder
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Shock to the System on your investments

Mitch Yellen on your investments
Mitch Yellen on your investments Photocredit:

Throughout the United States, people who have invested their hard earned money into their 401k’s and mutual funds will have a shock to the system.  They look forward to cashing in those investments for the compounded interest from this giant nest egg they where hoping would be there.  It’s a very reassuring idea, but for one thing, it doesn’t work.  Well, at least it does not work for most people. They are lead into thinking it will be great come retirement.  This is a unbearable shock depending on the time you have put into this before you get an epiphany.

This time and time again story that is told is simply not working.  We are taught to build up your wealth slowly with low-risk investing.  Told to apply it somewhere safe until you reach the age of a comfortable retirement.

You can read my complete article here posted on USA  Leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

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Dream Records Together with Mitch Yellen

An Innovative Approach to Music Development.

Lance Brown, Gina and David Hanley of Dream Records Music found a partner in Mitch Yellen who was used to taking a different approach to business. To this group, Dream is more than a business. The central focus of the company is their faith in God.  The team wants to encourage faith-based values and business practices in the music industry. And they use that to promote musicians with a positive message.

Mitch Yellen and Dream Records
Mitch Yellen and Dream Records

Dream Label Group is setting a new standard in the music industry by supporting and promoting artists whom are committed to promoting Christ and want to use music to share that faith.  By using the power of music to reach people around the world they provide comfort and support to people everywhere.

Faith and Business

Mitch’s integrity and goal-focused business manner, along with his entrepreneurial and financial talents have helped Mitch to build a successful business organization. But he also has a deep abiding commitment to promoting the teachings of Christ. Dream Label Group were very excited to join with Yellen in their shared mission.

Mitch’s more than 30 years of experience in investments, finance and business leadership created a stable environment for this project.  Mitch has many successful business ventures and many of his clients and colleagues have become good friends.  Windsor, Mitch’s wife, is also involved in his success.  Windsor’s passion for family and faith makes her a perfect soul mate.  She joins Mitch in many charitable organizations.  At the base of all Mitch’s successful ventures is faith, family and passion.

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Investing in Colorado Springs

Supporting Our Community

Mitch Yellen businesses have added almost 250 jobs to Colorado Springs. His philanthropic interests include medical, healthcare and education communities by some of the area’s best fundraising events. Yellen has supported many organizations including Children’s Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, Memorial Hospital, Children’s Hope Chest and Colorado Springs Dental Society. Here is a list of organizations and charities Mitch is involved with.

Mitch Yellen with clients. Former NFL player Gary Baxter & son of Hall of Fame NFL Player Earl Campbell, Christian Campbell
Mitch Yellen with clients. Former NFL player Gary Baxter & son of Hall of Fame NFL Player Earl Campbell, Christian Campbell

Yellen counsels and mentors young people and recommends nourishing the soul and spirit along with the mind. He loves certain classic books including “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that focus on a positive attitude and encouraging disciplined habits.  He turned this into his own book about investing principles titles “Reunion.” The book tells the reader the key to empowering yourself to be successful and how to be a bot-strapping, entrepreneur.

Getting to Know Mitch

Mitch Yellen is a devoted family man and man of great faith. He lives by the creed that that successful and fulfilling work and professional lives are built on the same, shared foundation of values. Yellen lives in Colorado Springs and is a fan of history, travels extensively, enjoys sports and is active in state and local political issues.

Yellen was interviewed by the Colorado Springs news site and you can find his story about his investing here.

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