Shock to the System on your investments

Mitch Yellen on your investments
Mitch Yellen on your investments Photocredit:

Throughout the United States, people who have invested their hard earned money into their 401k’s and mutual funds will have a shock to the system.  They look forward to cashing in those investments for the compounded interest from this giant nest egg they where hoping would be there.  It’s a very reassuring idea, but for one thing, it doesn’t work.  Well, at least it does not work for most people. They are lead into thinking it will be great come retirement.  This is a unbearable shock depending on the time you have put into this before you get an epiphany.

This time and time again story that is told is simply not working.  We are taught to build up your wealth slowly with low-risk investing.  Told to apply it somewhere safe until you reach the age of a comfortable retirement.

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