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Giving Back Means Sharing Knowledge

I have lived a blessed life. I have a great family, successful businesses and I live surrounded by great people in a great community, Colorado Springs. As I have posted before, I believe strongly in a philosophy that involves trying your hardest, putting in extra effort and giving back. ‘Do good and you will do well,’ is one way to put it.

I think giving back should be done comprehensively. Financial support makes a lot of sense in some cases but not all. And you can give generously but also give of yourself. So for example, I went on a mission to Africa and supported Compassion International with my effort and time as well as other ways. Advising people on how to take control of their own money, control their own investments and be their own back is another way. Giving of your time is a way to enrich yourself and enrich others at the same time.

Sharing Knowledge Is a Way of Giving Back

I have learned a lot of lessons. Some I learned through my trial and error, some I learned by reading and some were taught to me by people in my life. Information and skills are valuable and should be shared freely and openly. That is why I am working to share what I have found can help people to succeed. So one way I am doing that will be to write articles here and on other sites ideas on business and life.

My Business.com Column

Business.com recently accepted me as a contributor. I like the site because it has a small business focus and it focuses on empowering people to do things. They emphasize how-to articles so I am working to write some now. I expect to cover a lot of topics. Some will be leadership while others may focus on management tips. I will try a few and then ask for feedback to see what people find most valuable.

Mitch Yellen column on Business.com
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